Zrii – a 21st Century Wellness Company (Video)

Zrii  - a 21st Century Wellness Company

Zrii isn’t just another Health & Wellness company with a story to tell. Zrii is more—and it can give you more. In fact, Zrii is a lifestyle, the answer for balance in all wellness areas of the body—spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional. Our name is a Sanskrit word that means light, luster, splendor and prosperity, and sets a high standard for who we are and our dedication to you when you embark on your own journey to success.

Riding on the waves of number of corporate success stories, William Farley commenced the record breaking pre-launch of Zrii in October 2007. Zrii officially launched in May 2008 as an international Ayurvedic wellness company—Ayurveda is literally referred to as “the science of life.”

Zrii health products are the only ones that originate in the 5,000-year-old wisdom of Ayurveda and give you more than just antioxidants—each natural ingredient is specifically chosen to compliment the Amalaki fruit, one of the core health foundations in Ayurvedic principles, and provide a specific function to the body. Our products also hold the most prestigious endorsement in the industry—an endorsement from the Chopra Center for Wellbeing™.

Based in Draper, Utah, Zrii LLC is joined by Independent Executives in the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Israel, and Puerto Rico—with more room to grow—we’re just getting started.

We invite you to learn more about Zrii, our Ayurvedic products, and our exciting income opportunity and join Zrii in our mission to bring health and wellness to the world. Please visit: http://www.thedriveteam.com.

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