Yumi & Laurie

Being eco friendly doesnt mean you have to be a bore!  You and your home can be stylish, sexy and hip with all the gorgeous new green products being introduced to the world every week.  Take, for example, the beautiful blankets from the new company Yumi & Laurie.

Yumi & Laurie is an eco-friendly line of blankets (or blanQuettes™, as they are called) that feel like a large, plush Turkish towel and are designed with vibrant and whimsical colors and patterns inspired by founder, Laurie Suzuki’s trips to Japan and Europe and the gorgeous textiles she came across there. 

Even though it was important to Laurie to create a home accessories line that was friendly to the environment, she didn’t feel that it had to be drab or boring just because it was “green.”  The blanQuettes™ are woven out of the finest 100% organic and sustainable cotton and bamboo fibers, are anti-microbial (safe for allergy-sufferers), and machine washable. 

There is sure to be a pattern and color combination to suit almost any decor, and you'll not only love the way they look, but the cozy, comfortable feeling of organic cotton and of knowing you're taking care of the planet.

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