Your Green Business: Celebrating your Successes

If you're a green business owner or your company is moving towards more green practices, it is so important to celebrate your successes. From your first sale, to your first sign-up, to your first anniversary and beyond, I highly recommend you find a way to give back, thank your customers, and increase your ability to market your business success.

In my (humble) opinion, those companies that will safely and successfully navigate through this next century are those that listen to their customers, adapt to the changing marketplace, provide green, sustainable, organic, fair trade, and progressive options, and are focused on people, planet, and profits.

Let's plan to celebrate our successes because our values, our voices, our companies, and our purchases are "keeping it green" and we're moving the marketplace forward: towards safer, saner, and more healthy and sustainable options.

Here are some ways to celebrate your success:

1) Host a big anniversary bash.
For example, have an event to honor the fact that the year has passed and you have learned from your experiences. Join The Green Girls at our 
first anniversary bash at LA's premier Eco club, the Ecco Ultra Lounge on June 27, 2009.

2) Do a giveaway promotion.
Do you have something you can give away (not something cheesy or valueless)?

Give something away like a tool, a widget, a promotional item, a book, or a gift certificate that directly supports your customer. The more you give away, the more you receive.

3) Build your in-person community.
Green women in business have the opportunity to network, support one another, shop with each other, and in general advance our shared agenda. This takes meeting, tweeting, e-mailing, and phoning people with whom you share an interest.

Find networking groups or the Green Chamber of Commerce in your community, and if there isn't yet one, start by inviting a few business associates for an ongoing gathering. Perhaps you could do a monthly morning celebration for other green business women at your local organic and green certified cafe? Create those connections.

4) Share your knowledge.
A great way to build on your success is to share it. What you are able to accomplish and the lessons you learn along the way are valuable to the next up-and-coming woman who is starting up a consulting company, bringing a new product to market, or making that first set of phone calls to find a sale. Share the mistakes you've made so others don't have to make the same ones! Likewise, share your successes so others know what works.

5) Having a successful business means being green every day.
I would even extend this to say that living a successful life means being green every day. We must turn our attention towards the choices we make about oil consumption, water usage, solid waste generation, sustainable products, and healthy food. When we live green, we live well.

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Monica S. Flores  of 10kWebdesign is committed to educating, empowering, and connecting women in business — she believes in the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits. She is available for consulting on web development, green business practices, and women in business.

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