Your Business Makes a Difference in the World

I believe that our efforts make a positive difference in the world — many of us are starting and growing our green business because we do believe we make a difference. Let's consider how business operates at a local, state, national, and global level.

Think Local.
Imagine yourself, sitting down, wherever you are currently are. Now imagine yourself going up a little bit — through the roof, up into the sky — and see yourself as part of your neighborhood or city block.

Each of your neighbors or office mates is engaged in some kind of pursuit: maybe one of your neighbors is staying home to be with the kids, or a coworker works part time, or a nearby friend works fulltime and freelances on the side.

As a group, hundreds of you support your local grocery store, your favorite restaurants, your trustworthy supply store, or your local dentist, doctor, midwife, chiropractor, or health foods center.

Money, which is the same as energy, is circulating through your local economy.

Think Statewide.
Now imagine yourself going up even higher — and see yourself as part of your regional area.

Hundreds of thousands of you, engaging in trade or barter — you might stop for a cup of coffee, and a worker at that cafe will use her earnings for groceries, and the grocery store manager will pay her employees, and each of those employees might stop by the same coffee shop.

Each dollar you spend in your statewide economy circulates throughout the system until it leaves the state.


Think National.
Imagine yourself going up to space and seeing your entire country, and understanding the hundreds of millions of people transacting business with one another.

Everything you see or experience is either purchased, created, manufactured, or made.

Think Global.
Imagine yourself looking at the Earth from space.

Six and a half billion people are working, playing, sharing, living, and being a part of our global community.

Each of us has an impact on our world. The global economies are measured at tens of trillions of dollars.

We do make a difference!

We can and do choose to be conscious about our decision-making, especially when it comes to who we choose to support. When we support someon through our purchase of their goods and services, we allow them to continue doing business.

Our decisions definitely make a difference to our global community.

  • What do you believe in?
  • Do you buy based on your values?
  • Are you a conscious consumer?
  • Do you take the time to learn more about your purchases and who you choose to support?

Your actions make a difference. Your choices make a difference. Let's support one another!

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