You Had Me At Paraben-Free

Seldom do I fall in love with a product but Belegenza Natural Hair Care totally hit the spot! I've been using the Belegenza product line for months now and wanted to share with you my personal take on why you should give Belegenza a hoot.

 Illustrious Less is MORE

I used this every other day & I find that a thumb size amount is all I need to get the job done; even on sweaty, gym days. It is not a sudsy type of shampoo so you might find yourself wanting to add more but a little goes a long way with this product.

 Romance Obsessed With RoMANce

I am obsessed with the sweet smell of RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment. I use this daily on the ends of my hair. I have not had a trim in months and still NO split ends! Amazing!
 Encore Treatment Days

The Encore Leave-In Conditioner is another fragrance you'll love! Most leave-in conditioner leave a sticky film; the Encore product does not. I use this product sparingly & only on "Treat Myself" days. (i.e. lounging by the pool, outdoor activities & chill days) Applied just before pulling my hair back into a bun, gives my hair a rejuvenating treat.
 SpotLite Shine So Good, It Got Jacked

The SpotLight Shine promises to help hair growth, but to be honest with you, I did not get a chance to fully test the product. A girlfriend of mine came by, saw it, tried it, jacked it.

What I can tell you is that the oil easily absorbs in your hair and does not leave a greasy film on your hands after application.  The fragrance can only be described as "Baby Soft Clean"

My girlfriend uses it on her 3 year old's head of hair that has not grown an inch since she was a year old. I saw the little princess recently, and I have say that the product does it's job.

Empty Promise

This is where an empty promise is much appreciated. The list of chemicals they avoid is on the front of each bottle & the ingredient list is all natural.

This is the real reason I considered giving this product line a try. The fragrance & results are icing on the cake. I'm hooked. Grab yours at

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