Yogini Cleanies™ keep it clean and Green

Need a quick freshening up after yoga? Thanks to Sunday and Madison, a
mother daughter team, you can quickly, easily & sustainably do just that with
Yogini Cleanies™!



Yogini Cleanies™ are sustainable, disposable wipes made of 100% bamboo, using the natural antiseptic qualities of certified organic essential oils.
Yogini Cleanies™ have been carefully created to provide a sustainable yet
effective cleaning product for your body. Use it after exercise, while traveling
or whenever you need a natural and refreshing lift of spirit.

Meet the founders:

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Sunday and Madison are a mother daughter team in every sense of the word. They
are both practitioners of Yoga and have been since Sunday brought Madison to her
first class at 8 years old! 14 years later, they started this company together
and they look forward to sharing a sustainable, useful product with others.



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Yogini Cleanies™




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