World’s ocean at high risk of extinction

International Programme on the State of the Ocean
(IPSO) just released that

ocean life is on the brink of mass extinction
. The
is from the first ever interdisciplinary international workshop to consider the
cumulative impact of all stressors affecting the ocean.



 "We now face losing marine species and entire marine ecosystems, such as coral reefs, within a single generation," according to the study by 27 experts to be presented to the United Nations.

State of the Ocean: The Harm of Ocean Pollution



 "Unless action is taken now, the consequences of our activities are at a
 high risk of causing, through the combined effects of climate change, over-exploitation, pollution and habitat loss, the next globally significant extinction event in the ocean," it said.


Here are actions you can take
NOW to help preserve our
beautiful ocean life.


Water bottle from Costa Rica -could not find recycling at the airport so I brought it home

Use less plastic
Trash from beach clean up mostly consist of plastic.

Properly dispose chemicals. Never pour household hazardous waste such
as pharmaceuticals, oils or paint into the sink or toilet. Get informed on

proper disposal of hazardous waste

Try an Eco-friendly laundry products or make your own
Some chemicals in
laundry detergent are linked to cancer and damage our water systems.

Finding little tiny pieces of plastic I needed to crouch down for

Join a beach clean up or start one of your own
  There are many
ocean lovers like you that give back with a beach clean up to keep our beaches
beautiful. If their schedule does not fit yours, start your own 20 minute clean
up with friends and family. Meet

Sara Bayles
who started a beach clean up of her own that has now grown to be
The Daily Ocean.

Support events that celebrate our oceans
Community events that benefit
our oceans pop up periodically. Join the celebration and learn more about our
oceans from organizations like
Project Save Our Surf.

View the

full report by IPSO
. Learn more at


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