World Solar Corp provides energy at your fingertips

In a generation where we are constantly connected to our phones and tablets, solar gadget chargers are on it's way to becoming an essential part of our electronic arsenal. World Solar Corp provides a solution.



WSC is a global importer, exporter, wholesaler and contract manufacturer of solar energy based products. Anything that is powered by solar,  WSC takes interest in. Their primary core product lines consist of solar chargers. As a global trader of these product lines it allows  WSC to not only offer excellent products that are in demand, but it also allows them to offer products to developing countries that are in tremendous need.


World Solar Corp products are not just for the Eco-minded. From outdoor workers like realtors and contractors to PR agents that need to be constantly connected, benefit from the wireless independence solar chargers bring.

Why work with WSC?

By dealing with WSC you eliminate the middle man and deal with a direct source for all your needs. This saves you time, money, headaches and allows you to focus on what you do best, run your business!


Don't get caught without a charge. Grab your gadget's new best friend.

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