Winning! Keep Hope Alive

"Winning!" That is the first thing I thought
after the Presidential address. Keep it up Green Girls because we are winning.
Yes we might see more oil drilling for the time being, which was disappointing,
but what I heard today is that as a country, we are using 7% less oil than we
were just a few years ago. That's good news everyone. That means we are having
an influence, that together, we are helping shape the world.


In the last few years since I have been writing for the Green Girls I have seen
victories and I have seen defeats. I consider myself peaceful and so knowing
that there are battles waged that I am part of, it's hard sometimes, even though
I feel like it's necessary. I have different viewpoints, my voice must be
expressed to represent not only myself but the people I know feel the same and
are just not as active in signing petitions, for instance, as I am. The defeats
are disheartening yet what keeps me going is seeing the changes actually
manifest in green certified buildings, improved recycling and water conservation
in hotels, having my friends tell me I have inspired them and who are now eating
organic foods.

Winning … well we're winning some and that's all that matters to me, that some
change has come from this … it's come from people like me the writers who
attempt to get out a message and a call to action, and people like you who read,
think about it, and change your ways, knowing that all change in the world
starts with you, the individual. So thank you for your support because you are
making a difference. We are choosing pesticide free foods (which are made with
petroleum by-products), we are choosing local foods (that require less gas from
oil to get our food to our table), we are choosing natural beauty (without
petroleum by-products), we are taking public transportation when we can, we are
mindful about our driving, we are carpooling, we are choosing hybrid vehicles or
vehicles with better gas mileage (all of which conserve gas / oil), and we are
being mindful about the way we use energy generally. We are speaking out and
asking our government to do the same and now we see at airports across the
country improved recycling and sometimes energy efficient vehicles. We are
changing our habits, we are speaking up, and we are shifting the world. Great
job everyone, let's keep it up!

We have a dream, a dream for a new world where we live in better harmony with
our environment, with Nature, which has sustained us from the beginning of time.
Like my husband's song, let's keep hope, for this dream, alive. So let's keep dreaming, keep making choices in the direction of our dreams
and we will continue to see it manifest before our very eyes. Maybe slower than
we would like sometimes, but manifest nonetheless :)

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