Why shop when you can swap for Halloween costumes?

Swapping is sweeping the country. And for Halloween, especially, it makes a lot of sense since most kids wear a costume once, then it gets tossed.

Don't spend your hard earned cash when you can attend a swap, have fun and get a new-to-your-child outfit.

Even better, this year, consider holding a swap on October 8, National Costume Swap Day.

It's easy to set up a swap with a thrift store (kids thrift shop owners love this idea), school, community center, scout troop or business. (A real estate company in Pennsylvania hosted very successful swaps last year in several locations.)

If you'd like to give it a try, pick a location, time and date, go to http://www.greenhalloween.org/CostumeSwap/index.html and register. It's free!(And your swap does not have to be on National Costume Swap Day in order for it to be registered.)

The advantage of registering is that people can find swaps by searching (so far 70 are listed around the U.S. and in Canada, but more are coming on board every day), and the media, which last year showed a huge interest in this event, can find you too.

If you need ideas for planning your swap, you can find them on the Swap How-To page.

Additional questions? Ask them on the National Costume Swap Facebook page.

National Costume Swap Day is a collaboration of Green Halloween®, KIWI magazine and Swap.com.

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