Why Certain People Enter into Your Life

I believe that everyone who is in your life right now is a reflection of the type of tasks you are meant to do, the "vibration" level you're currently "humming" at, and the needs that you are putting out to the Universe.


As we evolve, we meet with more people along the way who help us and bring us closer to our destination. We also tend to "drop" or leave off from people who are no longer at our current energy level.


If you're feeling like you need a change, or if things are stagnating or not working for you, consider lightening your load by clearing out some old connections that no longer mean anything to you.


For example, this might mean throwing out the stack of business cards of people you meant to enter into your address book but just don't resonate with.


It might mean clearing out your Facebook friends list & paring it down to only people you see as being true people you want to connect with.


It might mean shaking up your personal living area, and getting rid of items that remind you of past relationships, bad memories, or poor decisions.


Everything around us is a reflection of who we once were. If we want to change our inner selves, we also want to change our external environment — this helps us "step into" any new roles or responsibilities with more grace, ease, and comfort. For example, if you're having a baby soon, you start preparing the nursery and getting the baby clothes and diapers before the expected due date, not after baby is born!


Here's nice little story about the power of personal relationships. Last year I was looking for some additional work to do to support green membership organizations, and I happened upon Greener Photography. Their website at the time was a straight HTML site, which is perfect for a brand-new organization, but they were starting to reach limitations in terms of search engine optimization, ability to reach out to the members, keeping content like calendars and announcements updated, and keeping member contact information up-to-date. Our suggestion was to convert to a content management system (Drupal). We converted their site for them and gave them much more functionality, including member discussion boards, payments on-line, automatic assignment to the correct level of membership, auto-renew, blogs, comments, ratings, a calendar, and page and image edits. All of these investments into their future give them enough web power to navigate through the next few years of their growing membership base, to provide value to their certified members, and to have the website support their needs.


Here's their revised website:




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