Why Celebrate Green?

Ever since our book, Celebrate Green! Creating Eco-Savvy Holidays, Celebrations and Traditions for the Whole Family, was published last October, cynical journalists have been asking, “Why bother to celebrate green? What’s the big deal about going all out on Christmas or Halloween? It’s only a couple of times a year.” 

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The problem is, it’s not a couple of times a year. 

Take the biggies like Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, July 4th—not to mention religious and ethnic holidays—then add in special events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, graduations, even family reunions and office parties, and you begin to see the scope of the problem. Millions of people celebrating at least a dozen times a year certainly has an impact on the planet. 

Our belief is that celebrating green really can change the world. 

OK, maybe that sounds a bit overblown, but when you look at how we celebrate in the U.S. and, how easy it is to make impactful changes, you might agree with us. 

Here are just a couple of examples of the negative impact of how we celebrate: 

  • Ninety percent of U.S. households purchase greeting cards. The average person purchases 30 greeting cards per year. Using one less Christmas card per person would save 50,000 cubic yards of paper.
  • The average U.S. child brings home 10 pounds of candy at Halloween. A large percentage is not eaten and ends up in landfills.

But while we’re true believers when it comes to becoming better eco-citizens whenever we celebrate, we also believe that celebrations should be fun! We’re not talking about ruining special events by removing all the highlights. Instead, we’re suggesting that some easy, quick, creative ideas will help us make adjustments to keep all the enjoyment, and maybe even enhance it. Personally we’ve discovered that the more we talk about this subject with our families and seek out creative, collaborative solutions, the more engaged and excited everyone is about our shared times. And after all, isn’t that what celebrating is all about? 

Through these articles, we’ll be offering lots of tips and ideas on how to celebrate green for any holiday or special occasion. And if you have questions or would like us to discuss a particular aspect of any celebration—décor, food, activities or gifts— just drop us an email via our website, www.CelebrateGreen.net

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