Where Is Your E-Recycling Really Going?

So we’re all trying to be good citizens here.  All across the country, we are showing up in droves with all of our outdated boxy monitors and old PCs and dropping them off at community recycling events in our neighborhoods.  Go us!



Only, problem?  We could never really be sure where all that stuff ended up…and, too often, it was not in a recycling facility.  Well, at least, not until now.

Remember that article I posted about e-waste?  Well, in case you can’t recall, it brought to light the importance of properly recycling electronics due to the toxic effects of dumping metals (contained in e-waste) into landfills.  It also revealed the shocking  reality that many “recyclers” are actually just get-rich-quick operations that are shipping cartons of electronics overseas to China, where only the most valuable materials are removed and everything else is piled up on overstuffed landfills, releasing lethal fumes into the atmosphere.  (Watch the 60 Minutes documentary…scroll to the bottom)

Well, a couple weeks ago, BAN (Basal Action Network) blew the whistle on yet another e-waste recycler who was shipping electronics to China.  The saddest part?  The recycling event was to benefit the Humane Society in Pittsburgh and the recycler even swore at a press conference that all recycling would be done locally.  Doesn’t it just irk you that these companies continue to take advantage of well-intending people who are trying to do the right thing???

Well, NO MORE!  Finally, after several years in the making, BAN’s e-Stewards program is finally a fully accredited system.  It will certify ethical recyclers that properly recycle electronic waste and prevent further exportation of e-waste to developing countries. 

To find a certified e-waste recycler near you, visit http://www.e-stewards.org/.

(Source: BAN)

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Katherine DalPra is principal and lead designer for Green Diva Jewelry, an eco-friendly jeweler using exclusively recycled metals, sustainable elements and Fair Trade gems.  Recycle your cell phone with Green Diva today and receive an instant Diva reward.


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