What’s for DinDin?

Glad you asked… Rather than resorting to chicken nuggets or veggie burgers again, one company is striving to provide nutritious, kid-friendly, convenient meals for NYC toddlers. 

The company is called DinDins and was founded by Jodi Greebel, nutritionist, Registered Dietitian and mother. Working along side Jodi is her own inspiration and mother, Nancy Citrin.


The thought is that with all the food groups incorporated in one meal, you don’t need to worry about serving a protein, starch and vegetable. No more trying to sneak vegetables into brownies. It’s just serving the foods you want in a way your toddler will love.


DinDins meals are organic, all-natural and homemade prepared with only the freshest ingredients from recipes devised by a nutritionist and cook. There are no preservatives, additives or artificial ingredients. Because the foods do not contain additives, they come fresh, and are freezer stable for 3 weeks. And, they will be delivered right to your door. No hassles with grocery shopping, cooking nor making dinner in time for your toddler to eat it.


DinDins is also aiming to groom little greenies by opting to use ingredients that are organic and local, when able, to minimize damage to the environment as well as provide children with the healthiest foods. They also carefully select packaging that has the least impact on the environment. The food is packaged in small bags inside recyclable boxes, using the smallest box possible to minimize waste. At DinDins, plastic containers are used only when absolutely necessary.


AND at only $2 – $3 per meal, you can’t go wrong!


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