What has Changed in the Last Year?

If you're like me — doing your best to be green, finding ways to be more energy efficient, and focused on building community and sustainability — you'll realize that all the baby steps you take on your journey will bring you closer and closer to your goal. All the small steps add up to big gains. 


I think of time as a giant wheel, and my life is like one big revolution of that wheel.


In business planning, we are always looking at profit and loss statements, annual projections, and strategic planning. I believe this type of thinking process is very helpful in personal development, too. 


Here's a thought exercise to help remind you of how much has changed in the last 365 days.


I encourage you to think about where you were, around this time last year, and then assess where you're at today. What's changed?


Have there been new developments in your job, business, or work responsibilities?


Has there been a new relationship?


How about an addition of a new person to your circle of friends at your workplace or school?


Was there a death that affected you? 


Has your health changed? 


Did you move? Did you do some remodeling or de-cluttering? Maybe some thrift store finds or updated furniture?


How about your closet? Did you get rid of anything that no longer "fit" you, or did you find some new pieces you adore?


Did you take on a new project or a new campaign or work-related responsibility?


Any new groups that you joined, or meetings that you attended?


What kinds of books or magazines did you read? which films did you watch? did you go to the play, the opera, the ballet, or a student production?


Who did you support through pro bono work, charitable contributions, mentoring, or volunteering?


Where have your shifts been in the last year, and are you still on track with where you're attempting to head towards?


All of our incremental changes build up to a major life change. It's easiest to see this in hindsight (you can do the thinking exercise above for the last 5 years, or the last 10 or even 20 years). If we have a clear sense of what our life goals are and what we value, we can make our step-by-step decisions on a day-to-day basis, and know that our path is aligned with where we actually intend to go.


Keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly efforts in something like a journal, victory log, dreamboard, blog, or some other way to mark your incremental changes.



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Monica S. Floresprincipal web developer at 10kWebdesign is committed to educating, empowering, and connecting women in business — she believes in the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits. Follow her at @monicadear.



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