What do you Give yourself Permission to Accomplish?

In the websites that I build for my company, we always have to specify "permissions". These are the types of things that a specific user can do on the website, such as submitting content, creating orders, uploading files, uploading images, or viewing data fields.


The process of assigning permissions requires some advance thinking about how we want users to engage with the website. For example, does it make sense to allow someone to post blog entries? Or do we first require they sign up as a paid member, and then they can access the blog tool?


It's the same with visitors — do we allow visitors to view content? or do they have to log in or sign up as a paid member to accesss specific content (say an online course, or a collection of members-only instructional videos).


I'm thinking how this kind of "permissions" plays out in real life, too. What do you give yourself permission to do? What kind of success or failure do you assign yourself the ability to experience? What is your overall thinking about how you want to engage with your life? Are you allowed to start your own business? Do you have the permission– from yourself — to grow your green business to a community-wide, statewide, national, or international presence?


While I realize that it can be as easy as clicking a checkbox on the website, and it can be difficult to put new permissions into place in your own life, I do believe that assessment and periodic maintenance and "checking in" will ensure that we're operating at an optimal level.


What are your permission levels? Try increasing them, just a little bit at a time.

Check the box and make it happen!


Monica S. Flores of 10kWebdesign believes in the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits. She creates effective, engaging websites for women-owned companies, green businesses, and progressive organizations: her focus is on organic, holistic, fair trade, and sustainable work, committed to Drupal development. Follow her on Twitter as @monicadear.

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