Wellness with @IvyJoeva: When You’re Most Attractive to the Opposite Sex (Video)

When You’re Most Attractive to the Opposite Sex

After the winter season, of course comes spring. According to traditional Chinese medicine, spring correlates with the follicular phase of a woman’s cycle, when the ovaries are preparing to release an egg. This phase is characterized by more energy, increasing sexual energy, and it’s a good time to begin to be more social and action-oriented.

The follicular phase culminates with ovulation, when the egg is released, which correlates with the summer season. It’s the time of peak sexual energy, drive and creativity. Scientific studies have actually shown that men tend to be most attracted to women when they’re ovulating (though this is not a conscious choice, of course). Pheromones are thought to play a role, but it could also have to do with the type of energy a woman exudes.

Do you notice a shift in your energy levels following your period? As a woman, what can you do to maximize your internal spring and how can you best enjoy it? As a guy, what can you do to appreciate and support the women in your life when you notice they are most energized and inspired?

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