Wellness with @IvyJoeva: What About Men (Video)

In the last few videos, I’ve shared how the phases of a woman’s cycle mirror the natural seasons. So how does this apply to men? As I mentioned before, men do have their own cycles as well, but because they cycle so much more quickly than women, it can be imperceptible on a surface level. Even so, you men can apply this knowledge about seasons to your relationships with the women in your lives.

For obvious reasons, it’s a good idea to know how to support your woman through each phase of her cycle. For example, during the winter season (moontime, or menstruation), offering a foot rub or doing the dishes to give her extra rest will be appreciated even more profusely than usual. Use your intuition to attune yourself to what she needs during different times of the month, and you will discover her own unique rhythms and seasonal needs.

All this can be a lot to think about, but take comfort in knowing it’s not an exact science. How one experiences her internal season is influenced by many factors, not the least of which is what season it happens to be outside! The important point is to begin to develop an awareness of your body’s cues, and validate them with the knowledge that our physical needs do indeed change in relation to our cycles.

For the men, think of a woman you’re especially close to. What shifts do you notice in her from time to time, and what do you do to help support her through these changes? For women, what can you ask of the man/ men in your life, to help support you through each phase of your cycle?

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