Wellness with @IvyJoeva: The #1 Thing You Need (Video)

During a Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training I did with legendary Kundalini instructor, Gurmukh, Los Angeles midwife Davi Khalsa asked the group of trainees: “What’s the ONE thing a woman needs during birth?”

We came up with a variety of answers: “courage,” “love,” “her partner,” “tenderness,” “breath,” “someone to catch the baby,” etc…..

“Those are all good things to have,” Davi said, “but the ONE thing a woman needs…..is herself.” Ahhhhh….. our collective sighs of deep knowingness filled the room. A woman needs her connection to herself, her deepest self, her intuition and her body. It’s this same connection to self that can help bring us through any challenging experience, and allow us to transform difficulty into an opportunity for growth and re-birth.

There are many great tools for connecting and re-connecting with your deepest self: meditation, movement, sitting in nature, and chanting, among others…. But one I return to often, which can be done quickly, easily, and almost anywhere is eye-gazing. (You can also do this with a partner to connect intimately, but that’s a whole ‘nother exercise ;)

Simply stand or sit in front of a mirror (large enough to accommodate your whole face), and look into your own eyes. Relax and breathe as you do this, and just take in—-without judgement—-the essence of your being. Maintain a soft gaze and allow yourself to sink into a space of self-love. Close the practice by closing your eyes and breathing into that sense of connection you just created, then release and carry that experience with you.

Life hands us so many challenges and curveballs, but if you have a strong connection with yourself, that provides a strong foundation for getting through anything—– and even thriving in the midst of adversity.

What gives you a sense of strength within yourself? What helps you soften and tune in to your feelings and intuition?

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