Wellness with @IvyJoeva: Being at HOME in the Darkness (Video)

We all experience the shadow side of life, those moments of darkness we so wish we could avoid. Today I invite you into the cave to experience the truth of who you are. “There is no reason to fear darkness, when you know YOU are the ~Light~”

Emotions don’t have to weigh us down and bury us. They can wash over us and allow us to pass through them….when we allow them to just come. When we allow ourselves to be in the cave…without resisting it, without trying to escape it, without numbing ourselves to the intensity of feeling there….we make contact with the deepest part of ourselves.

And that allows us to continue expanding into the full radiance of our light.

How do you connect with your Self, your Truth, and your Light in the cave? Who in your life is brave and loving enough to meet you there in that space?

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