Wellness with @IvyJoeva: Where the Good Guys Are (Video)

Wellness with Ivy: Where the Good Guys Are

As cliche as it may sound, the world really is a mirror of our own internal state. The way we experience “reality” is entirely dependent on our perception—- the filter, or lens, we’re looking through. If you’re feeling good inside, and taking that positive energy into your life, you experience beauty and joy, and people seem to shine back at you. Even if something doesn’t go the way you intend, or someone doesn’t behave to your liking, you take a compassionate stance, and have the ability to be fluid and flexible, knowing that ultimately everything is fine. If on the other hand, you’re stressed out and down in the dumps, the world can look pretty gloomy and people can seem unfriendly or downright cruel.

The key then, is to take responsibility for what you’re bringing to the table. Shift how you’re showing up, and your experience of reality shifts. It’s a cause and effect phenomena: and YOU are at cause. It’s so easy to sit back and blame other people, circumstances, and events for our feelings. But look around and I guarantee there are people far less fortunate who manage to be happy. And there are those who seem to have it all, who manage to be miserable.

All this applies to love as well. If you’re longing to meet a certain type of individual, relish all the people in your life who reflect those desired traits. Unleash those aspects of yourself and see what happens….. If you do have a partner, see how this applies to the dynamics within your existing relationship.

Want to join me on this exploration? What qualities are you choosing to radiate today? Who in your life reflects those back to you? What would you like to experience and how do you need to shift to create that experience for yourself?

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