Wellness w/ @IvyJoeva: Mirror Mirror On the Wall (Video)

Whenever we find ourselves reacting strongly to a quality in someone else, whether in admiration or outrage, it’s a quality we ourselves possess being reflected back to us.  That’s one of the basic cornerstones of conscious relating; to own our own feelings and reactions and trace them back to their roots (sometimes as far back as childhood….or even past lives, if you believe in that ;) .

To lead a conscious lifestyle requires the intention to dive beneath the chatter of our mind and the willingness to feel whatever is there to be felt, and then even further to surrender that….and allow ourselves to sink into the void from which true freedom and power to create can emerge.

Who in your life do you most admire?  What quality do you see in them and can you locate it deep within yourself? 

Who in your life are you at odds with and what specific quality in them do you find disturbing?  In what ways have you exhibited that very quality, and what do you have to forgive yourself for to be at peace within yourself?

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