Wellness w/ @IvyJoeva: Invite in the NEW (Video)

As we say goodbye to summer and welcome the fall, the time is ripe for inviting in change.  Whatever it is you’ve been longing for in your life, whatever it is that’s been waiting to emerge within you, whatever it is you’re ready to create and give birth to….the change in seasons is a powerful time to facilitate that shift.

As creatures on this earth, we reflect the cycles of nature.  As the leaves turn and literally fall away, as living beings we need to let go of what no longer serves us to make space for the new.  So whether that means saying goodbye to material things, worn-out habits, old attitudes or beliefs, or even people…. having the awareness that it’s time to release those elements is the first step towards initiating transformation.


Then as you begin to harvest the fruits of your efforts, really allow yourself the space to gather in all the good you have coming to you.  In the yogic perspective, after a woman gives birth she needs a full 40 days to rest and recuperate, and literally stay home and do little else than bond with her newborn.  Giving birth to change in our lives is similar in that we need time to integrate the changes so that they can fully take root and become sustainable.

What are you ready to eliminate from your life?  What attitudes, behaviors, people or things are you saying goodbye to?  And what are you ready to harvest and welcome into your life?

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