Wellness w/ @IvyJoeva: Easily Release Negativity (Video)

This simple tool for releasing “negative” energy, comes from my brilliant friend, Seda. Seda is a clairvoyant, a gifted healer, teacher, and most importantly a dear friend. And, ever the living proof that these tools work, he has gone on to become a successful filmmaker in Hollywood!

So without further ado, the technique is called “Grounding.” That may sound a little hippy-dippy, and truthfully we do have the flower children to thank for this ground-breaking concept ;) But I have personally experienced its effectiveness, and invite you to do an experiment and try it for yourself!

Here’s how it works:

Imagine a cord coming from the base of your spine and extending down into the very center of the earth, the earth’s core. This is your “grounding cord,” and it can be made of anything that appeals to you: fire, water, iron, steel, a tree trunk, a vine, silver, or gold! Take a few nice deep breaths to center yourself, and allow whatever is present for you to come up. Notice any “energy” (emotions, physical sensations, thoughts, or images) that isn’t you (energy that doesn’t feel good to you or doesn’t match the way you want to feel). Take that energy and send it down your grounding cord and deep into the earth.

The earth and her infinite intelligence takes that energy and sends it to where it’s needed, thereby transforming it into a positive force for good in the world. This process leaves you free of whatever was dragging you down and holding you back from living your fullest potential.

Let me know how it works for you! What are other ways you release negativity from your body, mind, or emotions?

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