Website tips and tools for Green Businesswomen

I'm now in my 6th year of business and my 10th year of developing websites through my company. Here are 5 ways you can make the most of your website budget:


1) Go with an open source tool.

Drupal, Joomla!, and WordPress are all excellent tools with different capabilities. If you need a website, I highly recommend you go with one of these solutions, depending on the level of complexity you need, how much time you can spend on maintenance, and your organization's internal technological capacity. By using open source, you have access to a wide range of programmers, custom themers, and designers who know exactly what kinds of specifications you need.



2) Focus on content.

Your website grows best through organic search, which corresponds directly to the type, frequency, and quality of content you post. Focus on providing quality content, and your website traffic will come. As you grow, then you can invest more and more into visitor signin, additional functionality for logged-in members, and the like.



3) Ask for help if you need it.

You need help doing certain things, especially since most "regular people" create a website once or twice in their life but a web designer or web developer does it all day, every day. Tell a web developer your budget and see if they can come up with alternatives based on what you need.



4) Prioritize.

All of us would like to wave a magic wand and have a complete marketing tool/blog/social networking situation set up in one day. However, effective  website development (meaning, a site that generates income, an audience, or a set of users for you) takes time, care, attention, and an understanding of your own priorities.


Your priorities list can be broken up into "A-level" (which is a must-have), vs. "B-level" (nice to have) and "C-level" (would like to implement later on). Focus on getting your A-level items installed, then work on the remaining items as you build up your guest and user list. 



5) Develop a relationship.

You want to succeed, and your web resource person wants to succeed. Find a way to work together. For example, through my company we've done bartering, membership groups, pro bono work, sponsorship, advertising, referral discounts, coupons, and partnering to get websites delivered for clients we care about. If our clients do well, we do well: so we do our very best to come up with longer-range solutions and to think about potential mines and booby traps down the road.


Consider if the price you've negotiated will get you expert-level work and will allow your web resource person to continue to be available to support your business/organization in a year, two years,  or five years from now. When you develop a relationship, you have an ongoing resource partner who can act as a valued business advisor and will keep you ahead of web and technology trends.









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