Waterless Carwash? Woohoo!

Water is the most valuable resource on earth. The availability of water impacts every part of our lives & this valuable resource should not be taken for granted. We are so glad to see that new & emerging companies are taking this into consideration & are creating products that help us conserve with ease.  We recently talked about a sprinkler system that saves water. Today, we found Waterless Car Wash!

We tested it out on our homemade hydro car, of course & was surprisingly impressed with the results.  Now grant it, this is an older vehicle that has a lot of war wounds but the Waterless Car Wash products still manage to make her shine. My favorite has to be the tire dressing. Just a few sprays, let dry & you got yourself some good lookin' tires! Now if only I can do something about the balding.


Not only does this product conserve water, but the ingredients that make up this green cleaning product are also all natural. Such as carnauba waxes and coconut-based soaps. 

You can read more about the product ingredients here.

Carnauba Palm

Besides water conservation, Freedom Waterless Car Wash also supports charitable organizations such as the Wounded Warrior Project, Vets For Freedom, & USA Cares

A personal bonus for The Green Girls since our very own Hydro Car Builder is a US Marine & a survivor of the war in Iraq.

Freedom Waterless Carwash is a small veteran owned company that created a product that is truly "water-based and eco-friendly".  For more information visit: http://www.freedomwaterlesscarwash.com/

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