Vivo Barefoot

The Barefoot Revolution is here!

Galahad Clark, director of Vivo Barefoot is selling the next phase on foot wear at the Eco-friendly shoe shop Terra Plana.  The line includes both mens and womens shoes that are ethically made from sustainable materials like recycled mesh and vegetable tanned leather.  

But the real beauty of Vivo Barefoot is that they get your body back to a natural state by allowing the 200,000+ nerve endings in your feet to feel where you are walking.  The result is better balance and posture; and an improved agility that athletes will appreciate.

Thousands of people suffer from foot and spine disorders that simply don't exist in cultures where shoes are not commonly worn.   Clark has worked with scientists and engineers to develop a shoe that takes advantage of the body's natural shape.  At first, it may feel a little strange, but once you get used to it, you'll wonder how you lived with your feet stuffed into regular shoes for so long.

Vivo Barefoot is being sold by Terra Plana, and the new collection is expected online and in the store within the next month.  

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