Viva Permaculture

So what is Permaculture?

Permaculture, stems from the two words: Permanent Culture

I like to define it, is the design of human settlements in accordance to the laws of nature.

Photo by: Permaculture Planet

So what does that mean?

It uses the wisdom of learning from the self perfecting system of nature to build and provide in ways, that are regenerative to people and communities.

Permaculture, provides a philosophy, that establishes systems of highly productive environments that provide water, food, energy, and shelter, in addition to, a reforming old systems, bioremediation, mycology, and nature awareness.

It stems from the natural theory, that nature is abundant – as is life!

There is an innate respect, for all things living within our eco system. It is a way of thinking, based on cardinal indigenous cultures and ways of living, while integrating modern technology.

It uses these principals to mimic patterns in nature, while using energy sources at their peak potential to provide a balanced system. This will allow for less work, zero waste, observation, and biodiversity, amongst just a few, of the many principals.

In essence, this is a practice that embodies such a vast amount of science, technique and theory, all while being such a simple and logical way of living.

Permaculture is a process …. as life is.

Beyond green living and building buildings that work effectively and efficiently, it embodies an intention for life; it is a slow awakening of the subtleties in life that are around us all the time.

It is a philosophy, that has the ability, to be applied to every facet of our life.

Permaculture works on building relationships, with yourself, your neighbors, your community and of course with the natural world; remember it is a part of human NATURE!

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