Vintage scarves… Rock them in your living space!

I’ll admit it… I’m on a penny-pinching kick lately (seriously, who isn’t?).  And this – combined with a recent vintage scarf obsession has made for a brilliant marriage of the budget-aware with the super-chic shopper.  I mean, seriously, we see vintage scarves EVERYWHERE!  From the lowest thrift store to the toniest vintage shop – from Hermes to Vera… the most gorgeous, art-like, and kinda “rare” decorative pieces are at our fingertips.  You may think vintage scarf = great wardrobe addition (and it does), but another way to rock these beauties… at HOME!  


60s, 70s and even 80s scarves (if you’re ok with crazy fluorescents and/or jewel-toned paisleys) are perfect pieces to perk up your home on a shoestring.  Check out the best executions of old scarf meets new purpose… And by the way, you can make a lot of these creations yourself!***  I'm in love with the amazing, one-of-a-kind bedspreads by Ouno Design – so chic!  I personally am not “crafty” and would buy one of these in a heartbeat… but if you are “crafty”, run don’t walk to gather 2nd hand scarves… and go for it!  I’m going to suggest that you “crafties” stick to polyester pieces – as anti-chic as that may seem, poly can hold a sturdy seam far better than silk.



But if you don’t want to take a major scarf plunge, go for a pop here or there. Vintage scarves also make perfect pillows covers!  The bold colors and the striking patterns are a fantastic way to enliven a bland sofa or a boring chair. 



And if you score a vintage Hermes – or a scarf you deem better than pillow-worthy… frame it!


Voila! Thrift store overloads can make you living space unique & super-chic!

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