Vintage Patio Furniture… the perfect B12 shot for your patio!

I do realize that it’s a little late in the season… and most of you already have your outdoor spaces in tip top shape, right?  To be honest, mine is currently “just OK”.  I live in a crazy 1923 cabin in the Silver Lake Hills with pitched pine ceilings and a “rustic” (at best) patio.  I love it… it’s kind of a weirdo place, but I love it.  My tiny house is filled with beloved furniture pieces & artwork – my Grandmother’s 9ft tufted Chesterfield sofa, our limited edition Verner Panton chairs in turquoise (!) around the dining table and the signed Poolside Gossip we bought the day before Slim Aarons passed away.  There isn’t room for much, so what we have – we have to love.  All summer I’ve been staring at the Aaron’s print (for some reason, it’s more “visible” in our new place)… and I’ve become obsessed with the wire mesh patio pieces in the foreground of the photo.  Just today – light bulb!  What does my “rustic” patio need? (it currently is dressed with wooden Mid Century tables, benches & chairs – great stuff, just lackluster in the space)  What could give it a major dose of B12… you guessed it!


I’m a huge fan of vintage furniture… it feeds my need for “re-use” and it can be one hell of a fantastic hunt!  My favorite spot to cruise for old, modern finds is Palm Springs (I empty my car and head to the dessert to fill it with thrift store & estate goodies at least 6 times a year)! HOWEVER, you don’t always have to go to the Rat Pack’s old getaway to score super-stylish patio pieces.  Hit, My Friend… or if you have the time, go to the actual Estate Sales!

 patio-chairs-1.jpg patio-set-2.jpg

   Available in Silver Lake                      Entire set for $115 in the Chicago area!

 patio-chairs-3.jpg patio-4.jpg

Hello, New Jersey!                                      What’s up, Miami?

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