(Video) Tantra as religion

MamaLicious Innerview with Ran Barron: Tantra As Religion

Just the first of many excerpts of Tantra expert Ran Barron and his insightful reflections on Tantra As A Religion and how to incorporate practices into your everyday life….

Ran Baron is a spiritual seeker and a public speaker in
the field of theology, eastern philosophy, and mysticism. Baron has
instructed numerous meditation workshops, Yoga retreats and has given
hundreds of talks and lectures about the nature of spirituality and self
inquiry. He has lived through many different paths and was ordained as a Hindu priest (Brahmana), was certified as a Yoga Instructor, a Tai Chi instructor and has been studying and practicing Buddhism, Zen, Hinduism and Yoga in many of its different flavors, sharing and teaching of his own views and vast experience in his talks. Ran emphasizes a non-dogmatic approach which allows for personal growth and an honest thirst for truth, all through an individual experience, where all spiritual paths are different colors and hues one utilizes to paint their own life's story.

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