(Video) Sunny Leone Says Animals Need Safe Sex, Too

2003 Penthouse Pet Sunny Leone says too much sex can be a bad thing. Sunny Leone features in a new PETA Ad.


I believe in not buying and instead adopting animal pets. And it’s because there are so many dogs out there that need a home. They just need that love, and if you can rescue an animal, then that’s one of the greatest gifts you can give.” says, Sunny Leone on a PETA interview


From PETA India: Sunny wants her legions of fans around the world to know that the only way to take a bite out of the homeless-animal crisis is always to have your cats and dogs spayed or neutered. The stunning ad reminds people that every cat or dog struggling to survive on the streets or languishing in an animal shelter had a mother and father whose guardians didn’t have them sterilized.

Check out Sunny Leone talking about her rescued dogs, why we should adopt and never buy and why it’s important to sterilize our animal companions.

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