(Video) Successful Juice Fast Tips! Day 3

Another day under the belt! Today is day 3 of my juice fast. However, yesterday, I almost threw in the towel. Watch the video to find out what got me to stay on track! Plus my tips below on getting through Day 3 of your juice fast. Make sure you check out the videos from Day 1 & Day 2 and grab the daily tips from there, too!

Here are tips to get through Day 3 of your Juice Fast!

  1. Accountability
    Tell your friends about your juice fast and get excited about your daily accomplishments.  You are more likely to push through your fast when you’ve shared this goal with your friends. For example, by providing a daily video post of my juice fast journey, I can’t just stop mid-way. I have to see it through.
  2. Motivation
    What is your motivation for this fast? Is it your health? Is it for a weight loss goal? As I mentioned on my first post, 6 simple tips for a successful juice fast, it was the documentary ‘Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead‘ that inspired me to attempt my first juice fast journey. Once I got going, I needed to stay in the moment and that’s where the books came in handy.

Below are some helpful entertainment that kept me motivated and got me through the fast.


The Books: Hunger Games Trilogy
The video will explain why this was a motivational tool for me. :-)
     The Documentary: Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead


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