Video: Modern Eco Homes Takes The Work Out of Buying Green

The holidays are here & Green shopping is on our minds.  Finding the right gift for your fam & friends is a yearly challenge and shopping consciously is another added factor to the difficulty.  Wondering how you're going to juggle it all this season? We've got the fix!

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Here are some facts about Modern Eco Homes

Overview of Business/Type of Business/Industries/Market:
Modern Eco Homes showcases environmentally friendly products to bring green to the mainstream. We operate as a hub, collecting green goods from all over the Web, to offer consumers a one-stop eco-conscious shop.

Mission Statement:
We understand that going green “isn’t one-size fits all.” By offering a wide variety of eco-friendly alternatives, we aim to ease the transition into eco-consciousness by making the green lifestyle sustainable for consumers from every walk of life.

Year Founded: 2007

Web Site Address:

Founders/Titles: Kristin Banker, Founder and CEO of Modern Eco Homes

Executive Team/Titles:
Kristen Banker, founder and CEO
Jayme Westervel, SEO & Site Manager
Sandy Kalik, Marketing Communications Manager

Product Name:
Modern Eco Homes, the hub for green goods online, and the ecoconcierge service.

Number of Products Listed: 7000 and growing. We list all kinds of green products, everything from furniture to bedding, jewelry to lunchboxes.

Number of Affiliate Vendors: 50 and growing

Vendor List: Zappos, Sears, Target, VivaTerra, Nubius Organics, The Ultimate Green, Store and many more.

Press Contact and Contact Information:
Sandy Kalik


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