(Video) Mark Ruffalo Fights Against Fracking

What is fracking?

is a method of drilling for natural gas that is anything but Green. 
Our Green Girl Guru,
Beth Whitfield
hits the Green carpet of the Global Green Millennium Awards and got the dirty
details on Hydrofracking from actor, activist and founder of
WaterDefense.org Mark Ruffalo.


Mark Ruffalo interviewed by Green Girls Guru Beth Whitfield


Learn more about

at WaterDefense.org



Green Girls
Correspondent ~ Beth Whitfield

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for
TheGreenGirls.com. Beth
Whitfield is an expert in Interior Design + Eco
+ Sustainable Construction.                          

Yes, I used the "E" word. Eco is not as scary as you think. People who
are concerned about the environment come from a lot of different
backgrounds. I love trees but I don't spend that much time hugging them.
I am not a huge fan of camping. I don't have dreadlocks. I don't weave
my own clothes out of hemp. But I am still concerned with the state of
the environment and am passionate about making a difference. My goal is
to do things within my power to make the earth a better place. ….



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