Video Interview: Michael Yo, Highlights The Good In Hollywood (@YoMichael)

Michael Yo is one of the few in Hollywood highlighting the good in celebrities.  With his radio show, Y100 and Hollywood Heroes gig on E Entertainment, he has the platforms to mainstream good deeds and he uses it! On this interview, we turned the table and put Michael on the other end of the mic. Found chilling in a cabana at the Ludacris Malibu pool party, Michael was more than happy to break and shoot the breeze with us.

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"I like to highlight & support the celebrities that do good because so many times we hear about the gossip; the bad they do." – Michael Yo

Ludacris Foundation West Coast Debut

Apple Levy interviews Michael Yo at the Ludacris Foundation West Coast Debut

Michael Yo - Ludacris Foundation

Learn more about Michael at You can also find him on twitter at: @YoMichael.

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