(Video) Cypress Ranch High School #AntiBullying Lip Dub

The Great American NO BULL Challenge and NO BULL Teen Video Awards is the first campaign that empowers teens to help one another by giving them a national platform to be heard on the subject of cyberbullying, at the forefront to make change.


On March 28, 2012, students at Cypress Ranch High School came together to create an original Lip Dub video and to Stand Up to bullies by asking "Who Do U Think U R?"
The entire project was created, filmed, sung, and performed by actual students. We'd love this video to help make a difference and to enforce that we, the students, the teens, want bullying to stop!
Please share on your Facebook, tweet, email or pass the video on to help make a difference. #CyRanchAntiBully

Founder and bestselling author Shawn Marie Edgington is using the power of social networking to inspire 25 million teens to build each other up instead of tear each other down. The Great American NO BULL Challenge offers teens in 6th – 12th grades the opportunity to write and direct videos on the perils of cyberbullying and compete in a national competition where the winners will be recognized as a celebrity at the star-studded NO BULL Teen Video Awards in San Francisco on July 21, 2012.

Learn more about The Great American NO BULL Challenge @ http://nobull.votigo.com/nobullchallenge

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