(Video) Bridge to Nowhere – An extreme nature experience

Summer is a great time to experience nature.  This past weekend, my
little brother had a chance to do just that, all while crossing off an item from his
bucket list. The day consisted of a 5 mile nature hike in Angeles National
Forest followed by a bungee jump off of "Bridge To Nowhere"


The Jump



The historic, Bridge to Nowhere was built in 1936.
Located in the San Gabriel Mountains, just 20 miles north of the City of Azusa, CA. Place cursor over image to enlarge.
In 1938, the road to the bridge was washed away during California’s 4th largest flood leaving behind a beautiful 5 mile hiking trail through the Angeles National Forest.
The Bridge to Nowhere sits on 50 acres of private property surrounded on all sides by the Sheep Mountain Wilderness Area in the Angeles National Forest.


** change to 720p to watch in HD


The Hike

  •  The Trailhead we will begin the hike to the Bridge to Nowhere.
  • A 5 mile hike over a rocky & rugged trail leads to the bridge.
  • The trail crosses a creek 6 times or more.
  • The water ranges from 1 to 3 feet deep



The Bridge


Bridge to Nowhere

  • You will arrive at the
    Historic 1936 Bridge to Nowhere
    around lunchtime.
  • There will be time to enjoy
    your picnic lunch and change
    into clean dry clothes if




Check out the full schedule:

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Music By: Chris Murray
– "Love Flame" & "Time is the Master"


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