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This is a new series of videos where I answer your beauty related questions submitted on my website, Twitter, and YouTube. If you have a question you would like answered, leave a comment below!

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Question: What is the right amount of exfoliation per week?

Answer: At least once a week, if you have a thicker skin you can exfoliate twice per week.

Question: What type of mask would you recommend for a normal skin type?

Answer: I would recommend a gel hydration mask, or a cream mask if you want more hydration.

Question: Is it bad to wash your face with bar soap?

Answer: Bar soap strips your skin of its natural oils, an may cause breakouts and premature aging. Try to use an organic cleanser – which is balanced to cleanse your skin with out damaging it.

Question: What is your skin care routine?

Answer: Cleanse and moisturize your skin day/night, scrub and apply a mask at least once per week at night.

Question: Will tanning cure acne?

Answer: No, sun exposure and tanning is only a temporary fix as it hides the redness. In the long term, it will dry out your skin which will lead to premature aging and skin cancer.

Question: Will shaving/waxing cause hair to be darker/thicker?

Answer: No, however, hair will become darker and thicker with age.

Question: Is a higher SPF rating better?

Answer: Not necessarily, the most important factor is which regards to how much it protects you against UVB and UVA rays. A higher SPF may only give you an extra 20 minutes in the sun. Remember to re-apply sunscreen every hour.

Question: Is acne caused by poor hygiene?

Answer: No, acne is caused by genetics, environmental stress, and hormones. However, maintaining a skin care routine can help reduce the severity of acne.

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