Video: 5 Ways You Can Live A Greener Life

As an official Green Education Panelist and Green Entertainment Correspondent for the Miami Kick-off of the 1st Annual Be Seen Being Green College Music Tour, presented by Dream Sharee Edu-tainment, we're here to share some tips & tricks so that you can live a greener life.

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Green Tips & Tricks presented by the Be Seen Being Green College Music Tour & Dream Sharee Edu-tainment in collaboration with


  • You can improve gas mileage by more than 3% by checking your tires for proper pressure on a monthly basis!
  • Fish and birds mistake plastic for food, and consume it – this effects our food supply and our ecology. Eliminate your need for plastic bottles, Zip Lok bags, and plastic bags
  • Wash your clothes in cold water and save on energy used to heat it. PLUS  your clothes will last longer too!
  • Frozen food uses 10 x more energy to produce and has less nutrition than fresh food while being loaded with preservatives – always eat fresh fruits and veggies 
  • Use a brick or a two-liter bottle, filled with sand or water and set it into your toilet tank, avoid the flapper valve. This saves on water every time you flush!

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