Video: 5 Fall Skin Care Tips for Healthy Skin

In summer there is more humidity and moisture in the air but as winter approaches our skin will begin to feel dry, dehydrated, and may start to breakout. Your tan which is a collection of dead skin cells builds up over the summer to protect your skin but in the fall it will prevent your skin from absorbing oxygen.

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Here are 5 tips for healthy and radiant skin in the fall.

1. Use a humidifier
A great way to put back moisture into the air. A humidifying system can help your skin remain supple and hydrated.

2. Exfoliate twice a week
This will help remove the thick accumulation of dead skin cells from the summer and allow your skin to breath. Your skin will glow and feel fresh. Don't forget to moisturize!

3. Use a richer moisturizer
Switch to a richer moisturizing cream. This will provide more hydration for your skin and protect it from moisture loss.

4. Protect your lips
Use a lip balm to protect your lips from drying out and cracking. Keeping your lips hydrated all year round will also prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming around the mouth. Find an organic lip balm that does not contain any petroleum-based ingredients, as that will only dry your lips out further. More maximum moisture look for a balm
that contains avocado oil, jojoba oil, mango oil, hemp oil, or shea butter.

5. Add oil to your bath water
Add a few drops of argan or sweet almond oil to your bath to nourish and hydrate your entire body.

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