Video: 22nd Annual Great Chefs of Los Angeles “Go Green, Go Organic”

The 22nd Annual Great Chefs of LA was a success & The Green Girls were there to experience the delicious fundraiser!  Watch our interview with George Lopez & Ann Lopez, as they tell us how they sustain their love & why George Lopez is smarter & more sensitive now a days. Find out how many years Mark Rolston of Saw V has been supporting the cause & how we can help according to Councilman Dennis P. Zine.

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George Lopez
Ann Lopez
Linda Small
Mark Rolston
Councilman Dennis P. Zine
Aimee Garcia

                                                                                  Top by: Meghan Fabulous

Stay tuned for a series of Chef interviews by our Food Guru, Pace Webb.  She digs in and finds out how these top Los Angeles chefs practice sustainability!

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