Vegan, Airport-Friendly Travel Accessories for Summer

You can travel in style without compromising your values. With Summer in full swing and vacation on my mind, I’ve stumbled on a few animal-friendly finds that I simply couldn’t keep to myself. They’ll add both character and social consciousness to your look as you take off on your next adventure.

 photo credit  OlsenHaus

Fly through the airport without missing a beat or getting a blister in these comfy vegan flats fairly made using 100% recycled television screen microfibers from OlsenHaus.

photo credit to Alternative Outfitters

Spot your luggage faster than you can say ‘jet setter’ with this unmistakable monkey luggage tag crafted with faux leather.

photo credit to EdwinaReinspired

Travel light and in-style with this convenient travel pouch from EdwinaReinspired, made with recycled fabric materials and upcycled faux-leather. Handcrafted as a one-of-a-kind design with limited edition fabrics, you may never see another passenger carrying one like it.


Kathy is the owner/design for Green Diva sustainable jewelry.

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