Valentine Green Gift Guide – More Than Just Stuff!

I always believe that necessity comes first before the desire for stuff.  This Valentine's day, think before you buy.  Does your Valentine really need that gift? Will they use it? You can get creative with your gifts this year & avoid buying stuff!

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Gift of Giving:
A creative way to give this Valentine's day is to a cause in honor of your Valentine. You can choose one that's close to your heart at
Changing The Present  or my personal favorite, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Worth a Thousand Words:
A sexy digital photo of yourself is a great gift! Set it as a screen saver for continuous enjoyment! Just make sure it doesn't leak into the internet. Unless that's what you want, of course.


Wine & Dine the Sustainable & Organic Way:
The gift of a
great meal is always a hit & a nice dinner doesn't necessarily mean going out.  It's so much more romantic & thoughtful to prepare your own Valentine dinner. Follow these recipes & you're loving efforts will surely be noticed.


Start with a light Veggie Crudite with Lime Green Goddess Dip. The best possible quality produce and your local farmers market is always the best bet.

The Absolutely Fabulous Cocktail was introduced by our food guru, Pace Webb for our New Year's cooking show, but I have to tell you that I've been a fan of it ever since. It's delicious & oh so sexy!
Dashi-Braised Shitakes with Brown Rice, a main course filled with rich vitamins & savory flavors will leave you feeling good & not overly stuffed. Finish off with a dessert inspired by an Italian dish. The Persimmon with Goat Cheese and Grapefruit Balsamic Reduction.

Make it Yourself:

Our guru GiannyL makes fantastic gifts for the loves in your life.  DIY boxer shorts & a cute pillow case dress are just a few of her recent creations. Another great V-day gift idea for kids are these recylced heart crayons, conjured up by our very talented Monica Rogers

Now, if you must, must, must buy a gift, here are some ideas & products that are either recycled, repurposed, organic or sustainable.

Set the Eco-Mood:  

Give flowers that will last long after Valentine's day.  "90% of Valentine's Roses are flown in from South America.The environmental cost is just too high!" According to GivingPlants.comLearn more.


Who needs candles when you have a Sun Jar? Set the mood with a jar full of sunshine. The Sun Jar collects and stores sunshine so that you can use it at night. Leave it in the sun all day, and watch it light up at night. When fully charged, the Mason jar will glow for 5 hours

Just for Her:

Sexy red cuffs made from a limited supply of red vinyl records, this bold cuff will add a shot of color and an interesting spin to any outfit.

Personally, I would rather have more reusable bags. Recently found these Bee Eazy Bags that actually compacts into little heart-shaped bundles. So cute! They are durable, small enough for my purse & big enough for a good trip to the market.


Just for Him:

Perfect for his office, your photo in this one-of-a-kind frame handmade from recycled elevator cables is eye catching & he'll keep you in mind all day long. Boxers made of natural fibers that are soft and comfortable, durable and ethical. These boxers are 47% soy, 47% organic cotton, 6% spandex blend & can be purchased at


For Kids & Teens:

I love giving gifts that are both educational & fun.  This Ellie Pooh Stationery Kit help kids learn about animals while helping the planet.  These Pencils are: quality, recycled newspaper pencils, non-toxic, 100% environmentally friendly and saves our forest. Get more details at For the teens? Yes, it is totally hip to carry your own water bottle. Just toss one in your backpack or purse & you'll avoid adding to the great pacific garbage patch.



Don't Forget the 4-Footed Love of Your Life:

I don't know about you but my pets could care less for organic cotton sweaters.  However, they do appreciate toys & treats! You can get them a bag of treats & toys at  In addition to the ability to give a green gift to your four legged pals, you also have an even larger effect on the earth. A portion of the proceeds from the gift sets will go to Pets For The Environment.


Enjoy this year's day of love & be responsible consumers. Before you buy, ask yourself, "Does my Valentine really need that?I'm sure they'll enjoy anything you have to give as long as it comes from the heart. Happy Valentine's Day!

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