Upper Body Stretches for Gardeners

Gardening involves a tremendous amount of lifting, carrying, and reaching.  Spending time in the garden is definitely a great upper body workout! 


Before heading out to the garden, complete three gentle stretches that will hit the wrists, arms, shoulders, and chest muscles.  Body awareness and good posture will keep bones and joints in proper alignment while gardening so that muscles are recruited and used properly.


1.  Wrist Extension

  Wrist Stretch

Extend both arms straight out in front of shoulders.  Point fingers to the sky and gently pull back with the opposite hand.  Hold the stretch for 20 seconds and switch sides.


2.  Triceps

Tricep Stretch

Begin this stretch by reaching back with the right hand to touch the right shoulder.  Use left hand to assist the right elbow upward.  Keep both shoulders down.  Hold the stretch for 20 seconds and switch sides.


3.  Chest, Biceps, and Shoulders

Chest Bicep Stretch

Stretching the chest and front of the shoulders, clasp hands behind the back with palms facing in.  Keep chest and shoulders open and gently lift arms.  Hold the stretch for 20 seconds.


Complete the entire upper body warm-up process in just five minutes.  Two minutes raising body temperature by setting up gardening tools and walking around the yard, and three minutes performing the stretches.


Enjoy the garden!


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