Two-year old logic and global warming

Have you heard the news: it’s snowing back east? Oh my gosh, it’s snowing…in the Northwest…in February. Can you believe it?

In the middle of this week's storm, climate change naysayers are declaring that this storm in one region of one county totally disproves climate change. It’s people like Senator James Inhofe who constructed an igloo in Washington, DC and posted a sign reading "Honk if you heart global warming." It’s Senator Jim DeMint who tweeted "It's going to keep snowing in DC until Al Gore cries uncle." And you better believe that Fox News has jumped all over it, with story after story that totally distorts the facts to fit their agenda.

It’s hard for me to believe that some of this is even real. I mean, really, it’s ridiculous. It’s like me looking up at the night sky and saying “Well the sun must have gone away because it’s dark outside.” It’s two-year old logic, but there are people lapping it up and it scares me.


Now I realize that this is a particularly harsh storm impacting millions of people so I'm not trying to make light of it. But the climate change deniers are totally missing the point. As Giselle Barry from Repower America points out “Extreme weather is climate change! Not only does "Snowpocalypse" not disprove global warming, it actually matches scientific predictions that climate change will increase extreme weather events of many kinds, including heavy snowfalls in regions like the Northeast.”

The fact is that climate change is a very complex issue. It will lead to more temperature extremes, both cold and warm. And I don’t remember Al Gore ever saying that it would never snow again ever. I’m quite sure that’s not was the hundreds of years of scientific evidence and study predict.

This clip from Jon Stewart’s "The Daily Show" is genius, and sums it up best. As usual, a little dose of humor makes me feel so much better:

Click on image below to watch video.

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