Two Women Set Out To Literally “convert” Fashion’s Landscape. Go Ahead, Convert Yourself.

Ever imagine standing in front of one glorious designer rack full of clothing, shoes and accessories that tripled your wardrobe? It’s a reality for the woman ready to trade in her massive closet and mind-set of nothing to wear. Ecovogue365 is here to dress that woman in convertible fashion, fashion that can wrap, strap, convert and morph in endless ways.


The benefits? Imagine again. One simple closet, full of beautiful on trend garments. Pick out your morning classic work style, switch up the same garment mid-day and re-accessorize for a convention, meeting or presentation. Switch again for cocktail hour, and finish off with an elegant red-carpet look for a night out. Truly recession proof clothing at its’ best, Ecovogue365 is designed for the conscious fashionista, the budget friendly buyer, the carry-on traveller, the professional on the go, the small space city dweller, the woman with creative vision, the mom who handles it all, and the functional style types with a vogue vision.

Started by Mother, Russet, & Daughter, Jerah Coviello, both challenge the designer and the consumer at the same time through this Q&A; “How can one design change a woman, her wardrobe, and the environment? With inspiration from the designer, the design and you.” Launched in 2010 as an experiment in eco-fashion, Russet & Jerah learned that over 50% of energy useage for a garments lifecycle is in the use phase (wash and wear). Their eco-answer became, clothing inspired by convertibility. Now they challenge global designers to create a convertible design for Ecovogue365’s Digital Editions that showcase vetted bespoke convertible fashion that lessen a woman’s fashion footprint. Russet, is the in-house designer for Ecovogue365 bringing constant fresh convertible ideas to the market.

It’s about the added value one design gives you. Doing more with less. For those hectic lifestyles with little moments to spare. Currently featured on the website is the #1 convertible design called B, a 20 way to wear design that goes from top to dress, to scarf in seconds. B. you, B. creative, B. fresh, is what launched the company in 2010. In addition you will find a 6 way to wear top in Spring’s on trend tangerine tango color, and beautiful long spring dresses in poppy colors and lace that convert 4 ways. Up and coming designs are convertible high heels, flip-flops, jewelry, and pants. Each design is produced exclusively for Ecovogue365. In support of the slew sew movement, akin to the slow food movement, limited editions of up to 365 of each design are available. Every design is editioned and signed by the designer as a certificate of authenticity.


In addition, 1% of the proceeds of your purchase goes to the Girl Effect. If properly supported, a girl will use her education to change the future of her communities and environments on both a small and global scale. Quickly inspired, Russet & Jerah, are building a community around the Fashion Effect, supporting Girls to change their notions around fashion consumption to inspire creativity and design through convertible wear. In the end, less couture in your closet is less waste in our landfills. “We know women won’t give up fashion, and we are not asking them to, we are giving them options to expand their wardrobe with less material,” says Jerah.

About ecovogue365

Ecovogue365 is an online concept shop for vetted bespoke convertible fashion that aims to lessen a woman’s fashion footprint. Visit: Ecovogue365 / Contact Jerah Coviello at 941-350-0900. Sign up for the mailing list on the homepage and receive $20 to start shopping.




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