Twitter Tip: Biodegradable Dog Poop Box

This morning, on Twitter, a place for green friends, we asked the question,

Our friend, the Entregreeneur had some great suggestions.

He also mentioned that these are tips that he tries to practice on a daily basis.  Tips that we can implement in our daily lifestyle are the best ones, don't you agree? 

Another tip was from AquaticEco.

Yeah, it does!  So we checked out SkooperBox.  Thanks for the Funky Find, AquaticEco!!

Many of us are dog owners & as part of the blessing of owning a dog is the opportunity to unplug from cyberspace and take your friend for nice stroll to do the deed.  Many parks provide plastic dispensing stations for convenience.  Though we appreciate the added amenity, it is still another unnecessary reason to use and produce plastic. [more]

There is an Eco-friendly alternative. provides an innovative product to clean up your pet's mess.  The product uses 100% recycled and biodegradable materials.

The price is also reasonable.  According to their website, it's $11.99 for a package of 30.  The average dog walks are twice a day.  So for $24/month, you eliminate the use of plastic along with that warm squishy feeling on your hand when you pick up the mess! Hooray!

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