Turning Juicing Pulp & Coconut Oil Into Amazing Dog Food

I juice fast and juice a variety of fruits and vegetables quite often for super healthy additions to my daily eating regimen. Juicing has done wonders for my skin and assisted with weight loss as well. A question I frequently get asked from readers of my juicing recipes is “what should I do with the large amounts of left over pulp?”Pulp is a side  product of juicing. Once you’ve made a drink, you’re left with the pulp from the fruit or veggie the juice has been extracted from. Instead of tossing the super high fiber filled pulp in the garbage, there are plenty of things you can do to make good use of it.

One of my absolute favorite things to do with the leftover pulp is make food for my pooch. Dogs will benefit from the addition of some fruit & veggie
pulp to their commercial dog food or raw food diet. Try mixing the pulp and dry food with a little yogurt to make it a more palatable for those
picky eaters. Yogurt also provides probiotics which will help with digestion and his immune system. Dogs love carrots and peas and will be
pleased with the addition of those as well. Avoid feeding the pulp of apples, onions or grapes as dogs cannot tolerate these well.

Adding coconut oil to the doggy mixture of commercial dry food & fruit and veggie pulp tops the list of what you can do to improve your dog’s
coat, lubricate his joints, boost his immune system, cure ailments, and prolong his health in his adult/elderly years.  Coconut oil is just as beneficial for your canine as it is for you and your entire family.  Studies have also shown putting coconut oil on your dog’s skin directly helps alleviate dryness and rashes, as well as reduce swelling from insect bites such as fleas, ticks, as well as mosquitoes. Google it and you will find hundreds of heart warming stories of how coconut oil cured many pups from all sorts of sicknesses and inabilities to run or even walk. Adding yogurt to our family dog’s concoction isn’t necessary. He jumps for joy and can barely contain his excitement when he sees us reaching for the jar of coconut oil for his daily treat! I must mention when I say “coconut oil”, I am referring to raw, virgin, untreated, undiluted, unprocessed coconut oil which is commonly found in stores such as whole foods, or any place that has natural, organic products.

Additional ideas for leftover pulp include: 
  • Spreading some around your bird feeder as many birds LOVE fruit pulp.
  • Turtles and other animals that eat roughage also will enjoy veggie pulp in addition to their daily food.
  • Many recipes (for us 2 legged upright walkers) can be accommodated to use pulp. Adding to muffin or cake batter can make the finished product more moist and delicious.
  • Freeze berry or fruit pulp in Popsicle molds for a wonderful sweet treat your kids will adore!
  • Use vegetable pulp between layers of your lasagna.
  • Add pulp to homemade or even store bought tomato sauces and soups.
  • Add some vegetable pulp to hamburger meat or meatballs.

Enjoy your juicing and get every bit of use from those fruits and veggies as I know it can be quite costly.


Mindy Perez

EVOKE Elegance


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