Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall – 25% OFF

New eco-clothing options and fashion trends make it easier than ever to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. By adding a few basic items to your repertoire, you can walk out with fabulous, sustainable style in any season.

SUST Women's Clothing, a 100% organic cotton clothing company, offers several great pieces to help you make a smooth transition this year without spending a fortune.


Here are some quick tips to help you stay eco-fabulous:

  1. The Stringbean Pant - Pair with your favorite summer dress and a cardigan for a casual fall look.
  2. The Fresh Tank – Throw on a tailored jacket, pair of jeans and heels and you have a classic "back to school" look.
  3. The Cozy Scarf – The perfect accessory for blending earthy, fall hues in with your bright summer clothes.
  4. The Mod Dress - Just change your jewelry and add colorful tights to make this a sensational holiday outfit.

Special promotion for GreenGirls readers: Get an additional 25% off your order (including sale items) when shopping for SUST online. Promo code = TGG25. 


Author: Meghan Connolly Haupt is the founder of Sulusso, an online marketplace dedicated to sustainable luxury and has her own sustainable jewelry brand, C5 company

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